Assessment centre – the final hurdle

Assessment centres are usually the final stage in a recruitment process – the final challenge before securing your vacation scheme or training contract – so well done!

That said they can be unnerving, especially if you haven’t attended one before. The advice below can go a long way to helping you feel more confident and prepared for the assessment, meaning you’re more likely to be successful!

At a BLM assessment centre you will be assessed by partners and members of the HR team. They will give you access to a lot of important information – so be prepared with some questions. The day will be made up of three exercises; strengths based interview, an individual presentation and a written scenario exercise. There will also be some down-time in-between exercises, so use this time to calm your nerves and get to know the other candidates – these could be your future colleagues if the day goes well. That being said, only pay attention to your progress on the day; try not to compare yourself to other candidates.

Below is some basic advice for the exercises on the day:

Strengths based interviews

  • Think about why you would like to complete your training contract at BLM?
  • How do your strengths make you suitable for the role?
  • Consider what tasks might a trainee face, and how you would work through and respond to them?
  • Do some research into the market that BLM and our customers operate in.

Individual presentation:

  • You will be sent the title and briefing a week in advance of your assessment centre, use this time well to prepare
  • Try to think commercially – it’s not just about knowing the law
  • Set a clear outline and present a solid conclusion
  • Evaluate and consider different options
  • Anticipate any questions and prepare answers in advance

Written scenario exercise:

  • Attention to detail is key
  • Use your reading time well
  • Use a separate piece of paper for rough notes and ideas
  • Keep track of time and make sure you  can answer all of the questions

Overall, try to relax as much as possible – the day is designed for us to get to know you, with no tricks. Remember to ask the assessors questions throughout the day, and use every minute to your full advantage, it is important for you to decide if we’re  are the right place for you, not just the other way around.

And finally, do as much preparation beforehand as possible, so that you can relax on the day!

Keely_Nelson_headshot_220x150px_v5 Written by Keely Nelson, Emerging talent specialist

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