Training contract: my third seat with Griffiths & Armour

On the third seat of my training contract with BLM I was fortunate enough to be seconded to Professional Risk Insurance Brokers, Griffiths & Armour (G&A). Throughout the seat I mainly assisted G&A’s professional indemnity claims team on a wide variety of cases where allegations of negligence had been made against their policyholders.
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Assessment centre – the final hurdle

Assessment centres are usually the final stage in a recruitment process – the final challenge before securing your vacation scheme or training contract – so well done!

That said they can be unnerving, especially if you haven’t attended one before. The advice below can go a long way to helping you feel more confident and prepared for the assessment, meaning you’re more likely to be successful!

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My BLM Vacation Scheme experience

The recruitment process

The recruitment process at BLM consists of an online application made up of short format questions and some essay format questions. These help to establish what you know about the firm and why you consider yourself a good fit for BLM. After this, you are invited to do an online critical thinking test, which, if successful, leads to an invite to the assessment centre.

The assessment centre itself was made less daunting by the help you can receive from the graduate recruitment team. They make it clear that the day is about finding out who you are, what your strengths are and whether you’re a good fit for BLM. The day also features some downtime where you can ask questions of the current trainees and garner useful tips for the upcoming day.

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